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What is e-AGE?

e-AGE is the annual international conference of the Arab States Research and Education Network (ASREN). It is a platform for dialogue to advance the development of research and education networks in the Arab region and worldwide.

e-AGE brings together scientists, representatives of regional and national research and education networks, as well as innovators and leaders, to discuss and debate topics related to research and education networks and e-infrastructures. Its main objective is to advance the progress in achieving reliable education and research networks that can address pressing problems in areas such as health, climate change, food and water scarcity, renewable energy, and the environment.

e-AGE serves as a platform for Science Dialogue, promoting cooperation in science and addressing obstacles to establishing mechanisms, policies, and platforms for cooperation, with a focus on regional and global priorities.


e-AGE24, the 14th edition of the conference, will take place in Tunis from 11-13 December 2024, organized by ASREN and hosted by Tunisian Computing Center al Khawarizmi (CCK), which runs the Tunisia National Academic Network (RNU).

The main theme of e-AGE24 is "Innovative NRENs: Adapting to Trends". The conference aims to rethink the role and values of NRENs in response to emerging challenges and trends, providing a platform to explore how NRENs can go beyond their traditional functions, embrace innovation, and adapt to the evolving needs of research and education communities.

e-AGE24 comprises three main events:

  • 14th ASREN Annual Conference, 11 December 2024: Focuses on NRENs, infrastructures, services, sustainability, technologies, and security.

  • 4th Arab Science Cooperation Summit, 12 December 2024: Covers science dialogue, science cooperation, science communities, education, research, SDGs global priorities, and community-based services.

  • 2nd Arab Event on Open Science, 13 December 2024: Discusses Open Access, Open Science, Open Science Clouds, and data regulations.

e-AGE24 will feature high-level participation, including leaders from Arab countries and representation from national, regional, and global organizations, to explore science cooperation and foster a science dialogue through robust technological infrastructures and an open environment.


Topics of interest include, but not limited to:

  • National, regional and global Science communities
  • New educational and learning delivery systems and technologies
  • Open Access, Open Data and Open Science Clouds
  • Open Access repositories for teaching and learning
  • Research via e-Infrastructures
  • National, regional and global Research and Education Networks
  • Scientific computing and data-intensive e-Science platforms
  • Science cooperation for climate actions and earth observation with a focus on the UN SDGs
  • NRENs services, challenges, sustainability and business models


The following events will be organized during e-AGE:

  • 14th ASREN’s Annual Conference

  • 16th EU-MED Event on e-Infrastructure
  • 4th Arab Science Cooperation Summit

  • 2nd Arab Event on Open Science

  • Regional Meetings (TBC)

  • Launch and Kick-off Meetings (TBC)

  • Workshops (TBC)


Meet our dedicated professional, each playing a crucial role in event coordination and reviewing of submissions


  • Saoussen Krichen, CCK, Tunisia (Chair)
  • Boubakar Barry, WACREN, Senegal
  • Dale Smith, NSRC, USA
  • Eriko Porto, ASREN, Brazil
  • Fahem Al Nuaimi, Ankabut, UAE
  • Fethi Mzah, Tunis Science City, Tunisia 
  • George Konnis, CYNET, Cyprus
  • Helga Spitaler, GEANT, UK
  • Johnathon Chapman, Internet2, USA
  • Lars Fischer, NORDUnet, Denmark
  • Luis Eliecer Cadenas, RedCLARA, Chile
  • Mohamed Vall Zeyad, MOHE, Mauritania
  • Rawia Awadallah, ASREN, Gaza
  • Redouane Merrouche, MARWAN, Morocco
  • Yousef Torman, ASREN, Jordan


  • Ahmed Hassan, Nile University, Egypt
  • Boubakar Barry, WACREN, Senegal
  • Edward Moynihan, Indiana University, USA
  • Enrique Arias Antúnez, UCLM, Spain
  • Federico Ruggieri, GARR Consortium, Italy
  • Johnathon Chapman, Internet2, USA
  • Khalid Elbadawi, SudREN, Sudan
  • Majid M.AlSadek, ENSTINET, Egypt
  • Markus Baumann, APAN, Australia
  • Ognjen Prnjat, GRNET, Greece
  • Rainer Herpers, H-BRS, Grmany
  • Roberto Barbera, University of Catania, Italy
  • Yousif Asfour, AUB, Lebanon
  • Yves Poppe, APAN/ A*Star, Singapore


    • Jamel Aloui, CCK, Tunisia (Chair)
    • Aida Snene, CCK, Tunisia
    • Ameni Romdhane, CCK, Tunisia
    • Akram AbuRub, ASREN, Jordan
    • Nisreen Al Kouz, ASREN, Jordan