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We extend a special invitation to distinguished representatives from academia, research, industry, telecom organizations, NRENs, and governments to actively engage in e-AGE24. This unique conference provides a prestigious platform for visionary leaders and experts to contribute their insights and initiatives. The speakers contribute to conference success by sharing expertise, inspiring innovation, engaging the audience with storytelling, offering practical takeaways, and facilitating valuable networking opportunities. 
Participants will shape discussions across strategic, business, governmental, and policy-making levels, covering topics like global science communities, new educational technologies, open access initiatives, e-Infrastructure research, scientific computing, data-intensive e-Science platforms, climate actions aligned with UN SDGs, and NRENs services, challenges, sustainability, and business models.  

Why Participate 

Your active participation will help drive meaningful conversations, foster collaboration, and promote innovation in the research and education community. By joining e-AGE24, you will have the opportunity to: 
  • Share Your Insights: Present your work, share your experiences, and contribute to discussions on the latest trends and challenges in e-Infrastructure and services. 
  • Gain New Perspectives: Learn from peers and experts from around the world, explore new ideas, and discover innovative solutions. 
  • Network and Collaborate: Connect with a diverse group of professionals, build relationships, and identify potential collaborators for future projects. 
  • Be Part of a Transformative Experience: Engage in a dynamic and interactive environment that encourages knowledge exchange and fosters growth. 

Important Dates 

Please refer to the "Submit” page for all key dates

How to Participate 

To participate as a speaker or contributor, please submit an abstract detailing your proposed talk topic. Abstracts should include: 
  • Title of the talk/ speech 
  • Presenter(s) Information: First name, Last name, Institution, Address, Email, and a brief biography. 
  • Abstract: A concise summary of no more than 500 words. 
  • Keywords: Up to 5 keywords that reflect the main topic(s) of the talk. 

Please submit your proposal by filling this form. More details and guidelines will be provided at a later stage of the submission process. We look forward to your contributions and participation at e-AGE24!