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Empowering Young Arab Researchers: Navigating Data Management, Tools, and AI

We're excited to announce a special session at the e-AGE24 conference focused on young researchers in the Arab region. The aim of this event is to foster collaboration, knowledge exchange, and best practices in research workflows, data management, and the use of advanced tools like AI and High-Performance Computing (HPC)   
We welcome submissions from young researchers, especially female researchers, across all disciplines, including Humanities, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, Formal Sciences, and Applied Sciences. We invite you to share your research practices, challenges, and solutions at all stages of the research data lifecycle, from collection and analysis to storage, sharing, and reuse. Submit your abstracts for presentations, posters, demos, and tutorials. 

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We welcome submissions from students displaying their personal research practices around the various stages of the research data lifecycle, aligned with the following themes: 

  • Research Workflow and Methodology Optimization
  • Data Management Plans (DMPs)
  • Effective Data Quality Control and Assurance
  • Advanced Techniques for Data Collection, Processing, and Analysis
  • Data Preservation with Long-term Storage Solutions
  • Open Data Sharing, Publishing, and Reusability
  • Ethical Standards and Governance in Data Management
  • Tools and Services for Innovative Research

  • Gender-Specific and Regional Challenges in Research

Who and why to apply?

Master and PhD students from the Arab region

Advantages of Participation:
  • Cost Coverage: Travel and participation costs will be covered for selected participants*
  • Networking Opportunities: Meet and exchange knowledge with peers and experts in the field.
  • Tutorial Sessions: Engage in detailed tutorial sessions tailored to specific academic disciplines, led by experts or experienced researchers.
  • Focused Female Participation: We aim for 50% female participation in this call, providing a supportive environment to address gender-specific challenges in research.
  • Best Participation Award: Recognizes and rewards one outstanding young researcher for his or her exceptional contribution.
* Selection will be based on criteria to be announced on a later stage

Important Dates

*Please refer to the "Submit” page for all key dates 

Submission Guidelines

Submissions can be presentations (7 minutes), posters, demos, and tutorials. Each submission should include the following:
  • Title of the work to be presented
  • Researcher(s) information: First name, Last name, Institution, Address, Email, and a brief biography.  
  • Abstract: An abstract (300-500) word including two paragraphs.
  •            A paragraph with an overview of the young researcher's project, including the problem statement, research method and design, expected outcomes, and impact. 
  •            A paragraph with description of the researcher's practices at one or more stages of the research data lifecycle, aligned with themes like workflow, data practices, tools, and challenges.
  • Keywords: Up to 5 keywords that reflect the main topic of the work.

  • Submission Type: Presentation, Poster, Demo, or Tutorial

Please submit your proposals by filling this formMore details and guidelines will be provided at a later stage of the submission process. We look forward to your contributions and participation at e-AGE24!

Review Committee

  • Rawia Awadallah, ASREN, Palestine (Chair)
  • Nisreen Al Kouz, ASREN, Jordan
  • Helga Spitaler, GEANT, UK
  • Joy Davidson, JISC/ Uni of Glasgow, UK
  • Iryna Kushma, EIFL, Ukraine
  • Safa Nassereldin, AlQuds Uni, Palestine
  • Wafaa Bentaleb, ARN, Algeria

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